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Caribbean = Conch = One Happy Girl

Conch is our favorite food. Cracked, in a bag, fritters or chowder we eat it anyway it comes and wherever we can get it. When the weather turns bitterly cold (It is in single digits as I write) we turn south to defrost our bones and see the sun. A bonus of heading to the islands is we can indulge in our favorite food. We have recently had the honor to visit The Islands of Turks and Caicos.

Not only is the water beautiful, the locals wonderful, they have a conch on their flag so we knew we would be eating well! Almost all of the Caribbean islands are back up and running since the devastation of the hurricanes this past fall and they are ready to show off their beautiful waters and attractions. Turks and Caicos was no exception, from the minute we arrived we were shown an amazing time.

Of course being on the Conch Island we had to check out all the amazing restaurants and we were never disappointed. We also were excited to be visiting during their annual conch festival! One place we had to visit was the Conch Shack, it is in every guide book and you can spot celebrities like Keith Richards sporting their famous t-shirt. Yes, This place was touristy but that doesn't mean it isn't absolutely worth it (we are tecnically tourists). One of the best reasons to go is it is truly sea to table. As you sit and overlook the amazing Atlantic, believe it or not Turk and Caicos are technically in the Atlantic not the Caribbean. You can watch the local conch fisherman dive for and harvest the meal you are about to eat! You can even sample fresh raw conch as he cuts it out of the shell (It has the consistency of steak and tastes salty but not fishy if that makes sense). Soon we were having an amazing meal of Conch Fritters and cracked Conch while overlooking the clearest azure blue waters one can find! If you can get away this winter or anytime for that matter I highly recommend checking out Turks and Caicos and stopping by the Conch Shack to see one the many things Turks and Caicos is known for- conch!


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