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Munichen Love

Everyone I have known who has been to Germany has always said it was one of their favorite places. However, to be honest I was not sold. I was sure I would like it as I like every where we have ever visited but I had no idea that I would also be singing the praises on Germany,

Last September we flew into Munich to spend a couple of days before we boarded AmaWaterways AmaLea for The Adventures by Disney Danube cruise, Our first day in Munich also happed to coincide with the start of Oktoberfest. Due to Covid the main Oktoberfest was cancelled but the old town in Munich still had plenty of festivities.

Here are our top five things we did in Munich

  1. Climb the steps to the top of Peters Church

  2. Stroll through the Englischer Gardens (and watch the surfers)

  3. See a show at the National Theater

  4. People watch at the Marienplatz

  5. Visit all the beautiful churches.


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