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Romania- Unexpected and Wonderful Part One

When ever I am asked about the favorite places I have visited, Romania is always high on the list. Originally I did not go to Romania as a tourist but actually for work. I was hired to photograph a christening. When accepting the job I had no idea that the client would become one of my best friends and Romania would become one of my favorite places.

Romana is misunderstood and can at times be a bit intimidating but it really is full of treasures. Bucharest was my home base and much of the city is the block style post war architecture. However when you go into the old city you see the Romania that was a rival to Paris and Vienna. Incredible architecture, restaurants, and of course pastries. The highlight of Romania (and anytime I am in Europe) was walking to the local pastry shop daily and picking up boxes of incredible treats. In fact as with many European cultures breakfast was pastry, pastry, more pastry with some cheese and cured meats. All delicious and indulgent. No dieting here.

Once outside of Bucharest you are transported back in time and in splendor. The mountains and countryside are breathtaking. Here are some otitis showing the beauty of Romania and stay tuned for Part 2 when I share some fun experiences!


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