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St Croix- Top five

Our founder Cindy talks about her top five things from her recent trip to St.Croix

Winter really is a fun time in NE Ohio. We have a tradition that when we have the first snow, no matter if it is just one tiny flake, we make homemade hot chocolate and start a fire in the fireplace. (We also love a good snow storm where we are forced to stay inside and read all day!) However, about the beginning of February the cold and lack of sunlight can start making you relate to the movie "The Shinning" a bit too much. February, also happens to be my birthday month, so about ten years ago we started a new tradition of taking off to the Caribbean to go sailing and defrost our bones.

Due to Covid, we had a change of plans this past year. We couldn't really sail between islands and we had to stay in American territories. But we decided we still wanted to get away and celebrate our newly vaccinated status and negative PCR test. We looked at various Islands in the USVI's and decided to go to the one we have never been, St.Croix.

Since we couldn't sail we ended up renting a lovely condo on the beach and exploring this charming island. Everyone we met was so nice and welcoming and truly excited to show off their island home. Here are the Top Five (among many) things we enjoyed.

  1. Chartering El Tororo for a private sail to Buck Island. You have to take a boat to see Buck Island National Park and El Tororo is a amazing way to go. El Tororo and her sister sailboat Dragonfly built by Captain Heinz are are the eco-friendly and relaxing way to go! The conversation with Captain Carl (Captain Heinz son) was a perfect way to spend our first day, as we learned about the island he was raised on and received some really great suggestions on what to see and do.

2. Hiking to the top to Buck Island. When we arrived a Buck Island everyone on the various other charters were relaxing on the sandy beach or playing in the crystal clear blue waters. Honestly who could blame them as this was one of the most beautiful National Parks we have ever been to. However, we were feeling a bit adventurous and wanted to see the views from the top. We ended up having to swim back out to the boat to grab some shoes as the trail has cacti as well as getting to start of the trail you have to climb over some sharp rocks. Our exertion was completely worth it as we had the trail and the view to ourselves!

3. Exploring downtown Christiansted and Fort Christiansted. Okay confession time, I am a history nerd and as soon as I heard there was a Hamilton self-guided walking tour I knew it was my "My Shot" to see some beautiful historic buildings. (Okay, I know that was really corny but I couldn't resist). We started at the waterfront and went to the fort followed by wandering up and down the roads looking at the historic Danish architecture.

4. Hiking to Isaac Bay Beach. There is a lot of different areas to hike on St.Croix and they lead to some really beautiful locations. Isaac Bay was absolutely worth the hike in. It takes about 20 mins to hike to the beach and you have to carry everything you may need in and out with you. We woke up early and was rewarded with about an hour to have the beach to ourselves. Issac Bay is a National Park so please leave only footprints and take only memories.

5. Relaxing at Shoys Bay. Shoys Bay is located on the grounds of the Buccaneer Resort but is not a resort beach. You follow the road past the gates, past the resort and homes to the far end. From the parking area you can't even see the beach as the entrance is a tunnel made by trees. Just like in a fairy tale you exit the tree tunnel to a pristine white sand beach and crystal blue waters.


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